Redmond Earthcure Hand & Body Wash with Mint Oils [170.5ml]

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You will be pleasantly surprised by the newest addition to Redmond family, a brand EarthCure (a cue is in the name) a high quality natural glycerin soap with wildly grown peppermint & spearmint essential oils. This hand and body wash is completely natural, its formulation well developed and simple. It has superb lather and invigorating smell, does not dry out the skin and lasts long.

TIP:Use hand onlyto lather the skin first - works much better. Use quality sponge, loofah or exfoliating body glove to finish off the body wash.

Main features

Only the finest natural and wild-crafted essential oils, moisturizers, and cleansers. No preservatives allowed!

Earth Cure products are cleansing without dehydrating your skin — a perfect balance.

Using natural products doesn’t mean you have to give up something that works. Choose both.


Distilled water
The soap making process works best with water that is soft and doesn't contain excess minerals or other impurities.
Cocos Nucifera
Coconut oil
The lather produced by coconut oil is absolutely incredible. It also cleanses and moisturizes very well. 
Olea Europaea
Olive fruit oil
High in Oleic acid, this oil will absorb into the skin and form a protective barrier against the elements. It also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and is said to help aid skin cell regeneration.
Vegetable glycerine
It is a humectant; a substance that attracts moisture to the skin. In the cosmetic world, this has two practical applications. First, glycerin leaves your skin hydrated. Second, for cosmetic products that deliver an active ingredient, a humectant can increase the solubility of the active ingredient, making it more easily absorbed by the skin.
Ricinus Communis
Castor seed oil
A small percentage of castor oil to soap adds a great lather with added conditioning properties. Castor oil is very soothing and lubricating to the skin because it is rich in fatty acids. It acts as a humectant attracting moisture to the skin.
Simmondsia Chinensis
Jojoba seed oil
Great for adding moisturizing and conditioning properties to the soap; a very stable ingredient, has a shelf life of approximately 2 - 4 years. PH levels are very similar to that of our own natural sebum.
Mentha piperita
Peppermint EO
Refreshing, invigorating, and soothing. When used during a bout of the common cold or flu, Peppermint Essential Oil helps relieves congestion and sinus blockages, while cooling and soothing the respiratory system. Peppermint also relieves indigestion, headaches, and mental fatigue.
Mentha Spicata
Spearmint EO
Known for its sweet, refreshing scent and makes a wonderful addition to any bath. Spearmint helps increase circulation and opens up your respiratory system while relaxing and soothing you from the inside out!

Why did you create Earth Cure?
Natural soap customers kept reporting the same problem: Soaps were too drying. Lotions felt too slimy. Deodorants weren’t lasting very long. We created all-natural soaps, lotions, and deodorants to give our customers what they are searching for — a product that works AND is natural!
Where do we get the essential oils?
Our essential oils are wild-grown, high quality, and a great match for our natural values and quality standards.
Can kids and pregnant women use Earth Cure?
We crafted a soap we wanted our families to use — Earth Cure’s natural products are a perfect solution for the people we care about.
What is the shelf-life of Earth Cure products?
Without artificial ingredients and preservatives, Earth Cure products have a slightly shorter shelf life than a traditional products. Still plenty of time for your family to fall in love with the soap!

Earthcure definitely only requires one squirt per washing, and you can feel the lather on your hands. ZERO liquidy leaking on the counter, even as you get to the bottom of the bottle (which we finally just have on all three, very sad). We used multiple soaps at multiple sinks during this test, so I can’t say exactly how long a bottle lasts, but it seemed like a really long time! I usually refill my foaming pumps and it seems like we’re constantly running out. We’ve had our Earthcure samples for months and months and are literally just finishing the third one up this week.
Even the 3-year-old has no problem pushing the pump down, and it’s still popping back up after every wash – I will refill them with my own soap, likely, and see how long the pump lasts, but they really do seem like they’re designed well and will last as long as I ask them to. The real Earthcure is about 20 times better than the homemade version I usually whip up – mine is too thin, requires multiple pumps, and doesn’t smell nearly as nice.

The soaps were created with the perfect balance in mind: cleansing and moisturizing. With the holidays, I will be putting the peppermint in the bathroom so that our guests can enjoy the holiday scent. It fits perfectly on the pedestal sink and helps keeps the sink clean and tidy. I will be using the Citrus in kitchen since that compliments the clean feeling. I am always in my kitchen so I will get to use this all the time. I absolutely love the way lemongrass smells! The lavender is also a great scent and actually one of my favorites. I will put that one in the shower for my family to use.
These soaps scents are strong so your hands and body will smell great once you are done washing. My hands and body also don’t feel dried out after I use the soap.

It really does not contain any preservatives and I kinda used this soap for everything and went through it really fast!   I used the the citrus soap in the shower as well as at the sink (I love foaming hand soap at the sink!) and I used the lavender for the shower especially at night being pregnant and trying to wind down from the day.  The peppermint I used in the kitchen, something about that minty smell that makes me think of clean! The soap was light and fluffy :)  It wasn't greasy from the oils in the soap and it definitely didn't dry out my skin.  I think my favorite was the citrus, I'm loving everything citrus right now!  Redmond, you have done it again with another great product. 

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