Our journey started with Miessence Certified Cosmetics in 2010. At the time Jan developed a nasty red rash caused by applying a commercial type of after-shave balms onto his shaved skin. He was forced to search the internet for the words non-toxic, clean skincare and such... He came across Miessence and immediately ordered products from Australia, and the rest, could be said, was history.

Still, we both wanted to know the difference between the new trend in green beauty and the available commercial skincare. However, we quickly found out that not "all that glistens with fresh morning dew is clean and pure". We learnt that if the brand does not bear a logo of cosmetic organic certification on their product labels from a prestigious organic certifying body such as USDA Organic, COSMOS Organic or ACO (Australian Certified Organic), it usually is not the real deal.

Because there has been a consistent lack of legislation (after all, the beauty business is worth several billions a year and growing) CLEARLY stating what is defined as organic or natural, many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of so called "green-washing" in order to mislead the consumer. That is why the consumer needs to properly educate themselves in order to know what is worth paying the price for and what is not.

Seemingly cheap organic brand that does not display its ingredients properly on their web-site is the first warning sign-do they have something to hide? Another indication that the brand is not as pure and organic as it claims to be is that it says their products'ingredients are derived from vegetables and fruits. Derived is a type of chemical process that serves "to produce or obtain (a compound) from another substance by chemical reaction". In layman's terms it means that a pure botanical plant or fruit extract is diluted with some other elements/ preservatives or whatever and made into larger quantities. This is done to make the product cheaper and/or to make it last longer. However, it is not pure anymore and will most likely not have an independent seal of approval from ACO or USDA on their labels.

Because we wanted the real deal and we value honesty and purity, we searched the internet high and low for the REAL ORGANIC AND 100& NATURAL BRANDS. We were the first online store in the UK to start selling Miessence, Redmond Clay, Earthpaste and Real Salt. We were also among the first to offer the US Zero Waste brand Organic Essence. Other brands such as North American Herb & Spice or Living Nutrition came to us naturally...

We do not sell everything, we are a boutique online store, and we want to offer a different type of brands than what you can find everywhere else. Our focus has shifted from skincare to supplements, because we believe that healthy organism is more important than what is on surface - and anyway, healthy gut means healthy skin.

Join us on our journey to make our lives better by taking a good care of our bodies.

Thank you, Jana & Jan, Purely Natural Cosmetics founders.