Organic Essence Shea Essential Vital Facial Support for dry, mature a sensitive skin [42g]



Organic Essence Shea Essential Vital Facial Support for dry, mature a sensitive skin [42g]

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Organic Essence 'Shea Essential Vital Facial Support' moisturiser with certified organic chamomile and lavender flower extracts provides superior hydration, infused with conscientiously selected organic botanicals. This heavenly smelling blend of botanicals offers antioxidant, purifying and soothing benefits to help support, condition, restore and regenerate dry or aging skin. This deeply hydrating moisturiser is a must in winter for all day and night care. In summer, this moisturiser's formulation may feel a bit too rich as a day wear cream, but it all depends on your personal needs and if you feel your skin needs the hydration during the day as well as the night, this moisturiser will do the job perfectly. And only a small amount is needed...

Why Moisturise with Organic Essence 'Shea Essential Vital Facial Support'
Organic Essence Shea Essential Vital Facial Support is synergistically fortified with vital essential oils and vitamins to help reverse and heal environmental stress, fatigue and damage. By fortifying your face with organic botanicals, you can enjoy first-hand the remarkably satisfying benefits that these facial delights can offer.

Organic Essence 'Shea Essential Vital Facial Support' key ingredients are shea butter, known to increase the skin’s capillary blood flow, and Organic Lavender, which is famous for its relaxation properties, but did you know that it is also a stimulant? It’s a delicate balancing act that lavender can perform, which makes it ideal for any skin type and versatile for any mood. Chamomile extract has counter-irritant, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is excellent for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

Organic Essence 'Shea Essential Vital Facial Support' is packaged in an eco-responsible biodegradable organic jar. Even the label is eco-friendly - no need to peel it off. Don’t worry about the adhesive, it’s organic, too. USDA certified organic is your assurance that questionable ingredients are not present to potentially harm your skin.

Key benefits of Organic Essence Products
USDA certified organic
Highly concentrated
Eco-rich Shea butter
Intensely moisturising
Vital skin conditioning
Skin softening properties
Vitamin rich
Organic nutrient rich botanicals
Not chemically or heat processed
No water of fillers
No questionable chemicals present
Amazing Bio-degradable packaging
Not tested on animals
Vegan suitable

Organic Essence 'Shea Essential Vital Facial Support' Ingredients and Their Skin Benefits
Certified Organic Shea Butter - Moisturizer, promotes cell growth, improves elasticity  
Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil - Essential fatty acids source, antioxidant   
Certified Organic Cocoa Butter -  Antioxidant, promotes healthy skin glow        
Certified Organic Virgin Olive Oil - Deep penetration moisturizer, skin softener      
Certified Organic Lavender Oil* - Calming effect on the nerves, tension reliever      
Certified Organic Chamomile Flower - Minor burns and sunburn, soothing
Certified Organic Lavender Flower - Antiseptic, tension reliever     
Certified Organic Echinacea Herb - Immune boosting properties, antioxidant
Certified Organic Rose Bud - Soothing, balancing
Certified Organic Calendula Flower - Detoxifies, soothing, skin softener
Certified Organic Lemon Balm Herb - Soothing, toner
Certified Organic Burdock Root - Antioxidant, antiseptic
Certified Organic Plaintain Leaf - Insect bites, sunburn
Certified Organic Dandelion Leaf - Healing aid
Certified Organic Cleavers Herb - Astringent, toner
Certified Organic Arrowroot Powder - Soothing
Vitamin E Non-GMO - promotes skin health
*Allergen Statement: Certified Organic Lavender Oil contains: d-Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool (Naturally occurring components of essential oil)

Organic Essence Products offer Exceptional Quality for a Great price.

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