NAHS PolarPower Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil [240 ml]

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North American Herb & Spice (NAHS) is proud to bring you the most exceptional fish oil on the market, PolarPOWER, from wild Alaskan sockeye salmon. NAHS have waited a long time to bring this fish oil to the public, because we wanted to harvest  the  fish  ethically,  use  sustainable  methods,  and  ensure  the  purest  and  richest  source  of  omega-3  and essential fatty acids and much more.  Wild Alaskan sockeye salmon is regarded as the top choice for fish oil, due to its unmatched nutritional density.

Our bodies cannot produce omega-3s on their own, thus taking a wholefood supplement of the highest quality is essential for good health.

When choosing a fish oil supplement, you now have the best option available: PolarPOWER. Keep in mind that we harvest the most remote, pristine, and pure source of fish oil. Certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and tested for purity, PolarPOWER is the ideal source of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 essential fatty acids, plus wild-source vitamins A & D.

PolarPOWER is rare, because, unlike most fish oils which require high heat to remove undesirable odours and contaminants,  PolarPOWER  is  cold-filtered  and  unrefined.  All  other  processes,  used  to  concentrate  omega-3 oils, change the often overlooked, but important, companion fatty acids of omegas 5, 6 and 9. These fatty acids play an important role in helping EPA and DHA work more efficiently in the body.

Another added benefit of PolarPOWER, compared to other fish oils, is  the  highly  absorbable  amount  of  natural  triglyceride-form  omegas.  Independent  research  indicates  that  the triglyceride-form  omega-3s  in  whole  salmon  (and  PolarPOWER)  are  absorbed  better  than  the  ethyl  ester  form omega-3s in standard distilled and deodorized fish oils. Cod liver oil, the primary source of fish oil supplements, needs to be high-heat distilled to remove harmful heavy metal substances. The wild Alaskan sockeye salmon used in PolarPOWER does not have high concentrations of heavy metals like most other fish, but to ensure no heavy metals are present the product is certified by NSF International.

Often manufacturers of fish oil add vitamin E to halt the rancidity, but PolarPOWER relies on the preservative power  of  astaxanthin,  which  naturally  occurs  through  the  salmon’s  diet  of  microalgae  and  phytoplankton. Astaxanthin has many other beneficial properties. Known as a powerful biological antioxidant, it is a carotenoid, giving PolarPOWER a rich, red-orange color. Astaxanthin’s ability to quench free radicals is up to 100 times more powerful than vitamin E.

A major fat soluble nutrient, preformed vitamin A, the most absorbable form of vitamin A, is  present  in  significant  quantities  from  PolarPOWER.  Also,  PolarPOWER  contains  dense  amounts  of  naturally occurring vitamin D. This vitamin is the subject of ongoing research, revealing many benefits. With as many as 70% of people suffering from vitamin A & D deficiencies, PolarPOWER plays a key role in resolving this. One teaspoon provides more than the recommended daily amount of vitamins A & D from a whole food source (different with tablets).

Take one or more teaspoons daily with a meal.May be mixed with smoothies. 
Regular usage may help with joint pain, auto immune diseases such as lupus or psoriasis, depression & fatigue, cardiovascular problems, weakened immunity, menstrual issues such as cramps or mood swings, child brain development, bad skin and many more.

Serving Size: 1 teaspoon
Servings per Container: 48
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Alaskan sockeye salmon oil4700 mg 
Omega-3s822 mg*
EPA331 mg*
DHA295 mg*
Omega-6s107 mg*
Omega-9s1040 mg*
Vitamin A4000 IU133%
Vitamin D600 IU300%
Astaxanthin480 mcg*
Wild rosemary extract
*Daily value not established

I have taken Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, Carlsons Lab, Pure encapsulations EPA ultimate, Solgar triple strength, Nature Made fish oil and this product. Among those products Polar Power Salmon oil was the best to relieve my joint pain. I have autoimmune diseases and have pain in several joints including fingers and knees. Have spent huge amount of money on joint pain relieving supplements and Fish oil products. I feel lucky that I have decided to try Polar Power salmon oil even if I was a bit skeptical of this product about contaminants as this is not molecularly distilled. But it is very hard to find real wild sockeye salmon oil, and this one got rid of almost all of my joint pain. Nordic Naturals and Carlsons lab might have good IFO ratings, but both products gave me skin rash so I had to stop taking them. After all, both of them didn't much to reducing my joint pain. Hope Polar Power company keeps producing this product. I will keep taking their fish oil as long as they don't stop production. This product is a real gem to me.

This is a very potent product. A bit expensive, but is worth the money. It has the typical fishy taste and smell, but is less noticeable than in other products I've tried before. When mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice the taste is actually quite refreshing. It also has the benefit of the added vitamins A & D for better absorption, as well as Astaxanthin, and that way I don't need to buy and take them separately. The Omega 3 & Omega 6 ratio is pretty good as well.

Tastes exactly like salmon oil (imagine a steamed salmon & the oil from the skin taste), the kids come running to take it & it has no fishy aftertaste/burp. Excellent price for raw salmon fish oil.

I have tried, carlson, nordic naturals, and the Wholemega from new chapter. This is the best product. I feel like I have improved concentration. The taste doesn't bother me. It doesn't taste that bad. To whoever said this tastes bad, I say its all in your head. Bottom line, if you want a fish oil for fish oil benefits, I think this is the best product that I've found.

I have researched the various fish oils on the market and I think this is the best. the company is very reputable. I used to take Nordic brand cod liver but I feel this is superior. Liquid is best for increased assimilation.

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