Miessence Certified Organics - Mineral Foundation Powder Dark 6g

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Miessence Certified Organics - Mineral Foundation Powder Dark 6g
Loose Powder
BFA Registered Product
All & Eczema

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Using only pure, refined minerals, Miessence loose Mineral Foundation Powder provides silky, lightweight, breathable coverage. Made up of a whopping 25% zinc, the formulation offers a natural sun block of UVA & UVB rays and skin protection. Sericite mica reflects light, reducing the appearance of pores and wrinkles and provides a matte coverage. Delicately scented with pure organic rose otto.


For lighter coverage, use a brush to apply powder over moisturized skin. For heavier coverage, use a make-up sponge to apply over moisturized skin. To set your makeup and add a dewy finish spray a few pumps of the Rose Monsoon Hydrating Mist over your face.


Miessence makeups can be used alone or in coordination depending on desired coverage. Translucent Liquid Foundation (light coverage) / Mineral Foundation Powder (medium coverage) / Liquid + Powder + Concealer
(heavy coverage). UVA / UVB Coverage


AS mentioned above, Miessence foundation powders offer 25% zinc oxide which will offer excellent sun protection. You will need somewhat heavy coverage (to the opaque level) not just a brief dusting in order to receive the sunscreen effect. Using a makeup sponge to apply the powder will give you opaque coverage.


Sericite is fine grained Mica, a natural mined mineral and talc alternative. It is incredibly lightweight and helps to cover imperfections, while boosting the skin’s radiance.

Zinc Oxide

A soft, heavy, white mineral ground to a powder that acts as a natural UVA/UVB sun block and creates a soothing, protective barrier for the skin. Zinc brings coverage and a colorless base to our cosmetics.

Certified Organic Rosa Damascena (rose) Essential Oil

Rose Oil, (also referred to as rose otto) fights many bacteria and viruses, promotes the healing of wounds and reduces inflammation. It is a natural cleanser for acne, calms the nerves and relieves strained and puffy eyes.

+/- iron oxides

Natural ground mineral pigments that provide color to our cosmetics. The "+/-" indicates "more of / less than" iron oxides. For example, the foundations are all basically the same formula but as the product gets darker (from porcelain through to almond) there are 'more of' the iron oxides that give the product its color.

Miessence Mineral Foundation Powder Reviews

Keeps Shiney Forehead Matte - Review by Lil
This keeps my afternoon skin shine down to a minimum and doesn't give me more spots. I wish I had found this before I got married! I have a greasy forehead in all my wedding pictures! :(
Great for Sensitive Skin after Radiotherapy and Chemo - Sue
After having my cancer treatment which consisted of radiotherapy and chemotherapy they had left me with numerous allergies. My skin and digestive system were shot to pieces. I had some redness after a horrible allergic reaction to my normal chanel foundation. I was extremely upset I could no longer use it anymore. Then I researched cosmetic ingredients to learn about my allergies and I am now thankful as I have changed my entire household to natural. This miessence powder in particular was great for covering up previous red rash allergies and not creating any more. I cannot believe there are so few ingredients in this powder! I bought the Miessence Soothing range for my poor sensitive face skin and that has also helped with previous problems.
Excellent Coverage - Caroline
Excellent coverage. It is a bit on the pricey side but worth the price. Best foundation powder I've used and I've used many! Love the scent too. I use a bit of FAIR and alot of MEDIUM as I am neither shade exactly. I use more Fair in the winter and more Medium in the Summer. Great to use to keep lipstick in place all night.
This foundation rocks. I have used Lily Lolo up to now, but it sometimes caked/settled and had a questionable ingredient. I bought the Miessence because it has the purest (shortest!) ingredients list and was not as expensive as some of the others. I have hyper-sensitive skin to anything synthetic - this foundation has not caused any reaction. It really does give an 'airbrushed' look, smells beautiful, and doesn\'t cake, dry out or settle into lines. The fair is a lovely colour with cool/pink undertones,which can be hard to find. Really, really recommend.
Calm skin with few ingredients. - Holly
My best foundation powder find! So few ingredients, so few irritations for my poor sensitive skin. Covers up the rosacea really well. I use the miessence liquid foundation on super winter windy days and this combination keeps the rosacea peeling cracking calmer on the cheek area. I love all of the Miessence products.
My FAV Mineral Powder - SuperTops - Mia
I try other powder foundations but always come back to this one. Miessence is the best for ingredients and healthy skin. All other foundations give me spots and dry my cheeks out. This is the only foundation I trust my skin with.

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