Miessence| Household Cleaning Pack| BioPure Probiotic Concentrate & Refill Bottle| 125ml

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Miessence| Household Cleaning Pack| BioPure Probiotic Concentrate & Refill Bottle| 125ml
125 ml
Liquid Concentrate

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Miessence BioPure Probiotic Household Cleaner is a highly concentrated, all natural household and industrial cleaner containing powerful probiotic bacteria, antioxidants and enzymes that break down grease, grime and dirt and neutralize odors. This is a truly innovative way to keep your home bacteria FREE for 24hrs without any dangerous chemicals.
BioPure means cleaning without chemicals and its living benefits continue to work even after the initial application; good bacteria will continue to kill bad bacteria keeping your home safe and clean.

BioPure is best used as a general purpose household cleaner: for floors, kitchen surfaces, mold and mildew areas, and bathrooms.
This pack contains 1 x 125ml/4.3fl.oz BioPure Concentrate + 1 x 250ml/8.5fl.oz MiEnviron Bottle.
BioPure is a probiotic cleaning liquid and its cleaning function greatly differs from the traditional anti-bacterial cleaning products, which merely attempt to kill bad bacteria. BioPure utilizes the benefits of  "GOOD" lactobacillus bacteria (13 strains) to regenerate and repopulate healthy bacteria consequently suppressing growth of harmful, disease-causing (pathogenic) bacteria. This creates a natural, healthy and clean environment. When used regularly, BioPure prevents the re-emergence of pathogenic bacteria.

The extraordinary probiotic properties of BioPure ensure this cleaning product is positively safe for both humans and the environment It is also outstandingly effective as a surface active agent that ionizes and digests organic matter during surface cleaning and in odour reduction. BioPure can be used safely in septic systems and is fully biodegradable.

BioPure is highly concentrated and should be diluted with water (either pure mineral water or cooled down boiled water) before use. If you use frequently and for best results, dilute 2 capfuls with 500ml of non-chlorinated water and use the dilution within 30 days. For less frequent usage, dilute 1 capful in 250ml of non-chlorinated water and use dilution within 30 days. Spray bottle is conveniently made in a size of 250ml.

Miessence living and energized water is reverse osmosis purified.
Certified Organic Sugar Cane Molasses
Adds scent and is a growth factor for the probiotic bacteria.
The Complete Lactobacillus Family is here! Acidophillus, Delbruekii, Caseii, Bulgaricus, Causasicus, Fermenti, Plantarum, Brevis, Heleveticus, Leichmannii, Lactis, Bifidus, and Sporogene all ready to battle the bad bacteria, odors, mold, mildew and more!
Organic Mineral Powder
Pure and natural thickener.
Sea Salt
Mineral rich sea salt, antibacterial, soothing, healing.
Certified Organic Oryza Sativa (rice) Bran Extract
Organic Rice Bran Extract is a hypoallergenic botanical that functions as an emulsifier/emollient. It is used to bind oil and water together.
Certified Organic Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract
Extracted from the cured vanilla pods. Vanilla is warming, soothing and an aphrodisiac. It also smells delicious!



Click to download and view Miessence natural cleaning tips in PDF format.


We use the BioPure Household cleaner as a hand sanitizer. Just spray it on our hands. I leave the bottle by the front door so we all remember to spray when we come in and go out. I figured if it's good for the kitchen, why not our hands!

Recently my husband sliced open his thumb, from just below the nail, the tip of his fnger. At first he didn't want to due anything for it, but then it looked like it was getting infected. Finally he allowed me to soak his thumb in the solution as well as spraying in once in a while throughout the day. Again, within a few days the swelling and redness is gone, and it is well on its way to healing.



I use the probiotic household cleaner as a wound cleaner. I fnd that it speeds up the process, especially on the hands where cuts seem to take a long time to heal due to them being used all the time. I found this out by accident when I was washing the foors by hand with the product. I had a cut on my knuckle that just didn't seem to want to heal. After just a few short days, the redness and swelling had gone down, and I could literally see an improvement.



I spray probiotic household cleaner on the mattress and pillows when changing the bed...just leave to dry off...have no scientifc evidence that it kills the's great to sleep on the frst few nights until the aroma wears off.



I used to have a very dry, cracked heels. I tried every lotion, extreme pedicures that shaved the skin right down and the cracks always returned. I sprayed the probiotic house cleaning solution in and around the cracks. The cracks began to heal and after my next pedicure they did not return. I also found that it eliminates keeps your shoes smelling fresh when wearing shoes without socks.



I spray Probiotic cleaner in stinky shoes, and it is fab for getting the stench of cat wee out of things, my cat was incontinent and peed on the sofa, usually you can't get the smell out , but this worked like a charm, also if you feet get smelly wearing trainers without socks, spray on the feet for a couple of mins and then wipe off. It’s also the best thing for cleaning glass, spray leave for a few secs and you can actually see it eating the smears, quick wipe over with dry cloth, perfect shine every time!


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