MiEssence Certified Organics - Rejuvenating Skin Range Essentials Pack for dry & mature skin



MiEssence Certified Organics - Rejuvenating Skin Range Essentials Pack for dry & mature skin
ACO - Australian Certified Organic
Mature Dry Ageing

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MiEssence® Certified Organic Rejuvenating Skin Range is a luxurious blend of certified organic herbs and plants designed to cleanse, condition and moisturise dry/mature skin. Made for the most discerning consumer with the highest quality & luxury expectations.

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MiEssence® Certified Organic Rejuvenating Skin Range Essentials Pack is FREE from
Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Petrochemicals, PEGs, GMOs, Artifical Colours and Synthetic Fragrances. It is suitable for vegans and the company only tests on humans.

The Skin Essentials Travel Pack contains:

Why Use Rejuvenating Skin Range Essentials Pack

With this one pack you are well on your way to having skin that radiates health and well being. All the ingredients in MiEssence® products are 100% active, i.e. they all deliver their proposed benefits. Moreover, they are all grown organically, without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, in nutrient-rich, fertile soils. In many cases they are harvested or collected by hand and extracted on site. Only the finest extraction processes are chosen as the most effective method to protect the energy and vitality of the raw material being extracted from the source fruits, peels, vegetables, flowers, leaves, grasses, herbs, seeds, roots and woods. MiEssence® only utilise natural methods of extractions, such as cold-pressing, water-extraction, steam distillation, freeze-drying and super-critical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction.

How To Use Rejuvenating Skin Range

Cleanse: Gently press the face with a warm, soft cloth to soften and prepare the skin for cleansing. Massage one or two pumps of cleanser into your face and neck. Remove with a damp cloth and plenty of water. If wearing make-up, a second cleanse is necessary.
Condition: On clean moist skin, massage 2 to 3 pumps of conditioner gently onto face, throat and decolletage.
Moisturise: Apply one to two pumps of your moisturiser to the palm of your hand then pat and press gently onto your face, throat and decolletage.

Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Guarantees

MiEssence® Certified Organic Balancing Skin Range Essentials Travel Pack contains 95% certified organic ingredients with the remaining 5% being restricted to natural ingredients which must meet stringent requirements, i.e. no synthetic ingredients at all (including nature identical). You can find the full list of allowed ingredients on the ACO website.  Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Cosmetics are accepted by most major trading countries without any additional requirements including EU, US and Asian countries.

Why Use Certified Organic

Certified organic logo on the label guarantees it is the cleanest and totally ethically produced product from start to finish. People behind the certifications ensure you get the best ingredients in the organic skincare industry, no gimmicks, no inflated marketing descriptions, just true facts - guaranteed. There are many impostors in the geen beauty market these days, so finding the REAL THING is hard work. Always look out for the certified organic on the label - that way you know you are paying for the true organic quality, not a false claim. Miesence have known how to make the best certified organic products since 2001. Australia's best kept secret.

Miessence Rejuvenating SkinCare Essentaials Pack Reviews

Christina Jones
Not in all my 42 years has my skin LOOKED and felt SO GOOD. Everyone has commented on skin. My wrinkles have all but disappeared, my pores have shrunk to microscopic size, the pimples and black heads have gone, and for the first time in my adult life i have applied foundation and not washed it off, and with stunning results and beautiful comments from friends and family. I was at the end of my tether with promises and wasting money on products, natural and chemical that promised gold and delivered brass.
After I apply the Rejuvenating Skin Essentials Pack set to my face, along with the Rejuvenessence Facial Serum, and the Firming Eye and Neck Cream, I feel like I stepped into a silk glove! At age 56, it is the best!
Teresa So
This organic skincare pack is my favorite. I love the smell and how it feels on my skin. I also use the garnet exfoliant, eye and neck serum and rejuvenescence as part of my skincare regime. I just love these products. After using it for 2 months, people have started to notice the difference. My skin had a healthy grow and made me look younger. Thanks to these products, I can now enjoy great looking healthy skin!
Danielle S.
I have been using the Rejuvenating Skin Essentials Pack for more than a month now. I definitely went through a detox period with my skin when I left my old skincare products behind. But today I received my Facial Spa Pack and all I can say is, “WOW!” If I had any doubts in this line, they are all banished by these additional super skin savers. The exfoliator is amazing, but what really put me over the edge was the Skin Brightener and Facial Serum. With just one application, my skin is so soft, smooth and dewy. I woke up to the smoothest, most supple skin that rivals that of my former skincare line, which I used on and off for 20+ years. I am 43 and most people do not believe that when I tell them. Good skin care is essential for our aging skin and I have found my fountain of youth in Miessence skincare!
Suzanne B.
Before I found Miessence, I always thought that ‘organic’ products never really worked very well and I thought it wasn’t possible to create an organic product that did not still contain chemicals. After Miessence, I realized that not only was it possible to create an organic product without chemicals but they can be absolutely luxurious too! After the first application of the Rejuvenating skincare I saw an immediate transformation. My skin felt nourished, health and looked amazing!
The rejuvenating moisturiser is like liquid gold for mature skin. My skin feels alive. So easy to apply it just melts into the skin and next morning I can still feel the effects.
About 12 years ago my husband stopped smoking after 20 years. He was in his mid-30s. Smoking for 20 years, on top of severe dry skin aged him beyond his years. You could see the damage from smoking on his face. A few years after he quit smoking, I found Miessence. Since then he has been using the Rejuvenating range (mostly the Conditioner and Moisturizer, and sometimes the cleanser). Eight years later, at 46, not only has he not aged, his skin looks better than it did in his 30s.
The silkiness of this cream is amazing, and my skin drinks it up! It has a wonderful rose scent, and I love knowing I am not putting any harmful ingredients on my skin. I had two cancer spots removed from my face in the 90’s, and after that I refused to feed any future cancer cells with chemical moisturizers. My moisturizer was simple… water splashed on my face. In the winter my face would be so dry but I had not found anything I felt would be safe.

You will never know how happy I was to find the Miessence products. And to find this moisturizer has been a blessing. My last dermatologist appointment I was given the “all clear”, and he told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up because my skin looked great. Thank you Miessence!

I love the rejuvenating skin care, it’s so nicely scented and I love the price.
Linda T.
For many years ( 20 or so) I have suffered from adult acne, especially cyst type acne around my cheek and jaw area. I have had some success short term but nothing that kept my skin improving. I discovered Miessence 12 months ago and at first my skin reacted and I had more redness but was advised to keep going and allow my skin to detoxify. I continued using a combination of Soothing and Rejuvenating, masks, and the beautiful serums. Members of my family had not seen me for 4 months and couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance over that time. 12 months down the track I am still seeing improvement. I no longer have lumpy cysts break out, my puffiness has gone and my scarring is gradually improving. I love the fact that this is being achieved without harsh products that strip my skin. I will definitely continue to use Miessence skin care products…they are just wonderful!

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