MiEssence® Soothing Skin Conditioner|Sensitive Skin|100ml



MiEssence® Soothing Skin Conditioner|Sensitive Skin|100ml

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MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner is a gentle infusion with organic St John's Wort and horse chestnut and essential oils like carrot and chamomile that are known to help calm and soothe skin chapped by the elements. MiEssence® Soothing Skin Conditioner certainly helps skin feel soothed and softened. MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner feeds skin with water-soluble botanical nutrients, vitamins, organic herbs and essential oils, whilst providing a hydration base for a moisturiser to lock in.

MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner uses Aloe Vera as the main base ingredient. The Aloe Vera plant (also called Aloe Barbadensis) is unique among plants for its importance in natural and organic skin care. The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it is also the one most neglected. Aloe Vera can help alleviate this neglect as it contains burn healing effects, anti-inflammatory properties, and scar and wounds reducing properties. Aloe is used in vast majority of MiEssence® skincare products because of its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth and repair damaged tissues. All MiEssence® skincare products contain only beneficial ingredients, which allow your skin to blossom.
MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner gives you approximately 165 applications (based on 1 pump per application).
Interested in saving more money?
Purchase MiEssence® Soothing Skin Conditioner as part of a MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Essentials pack.
Why Condition/ Tone with MiEssence® Skin Conditioners
Conditioning is a vital 2nd step in MiEssence® skincare regime. Conditioning has a two-fold purpose: firstly, to feed the skin with nutrients in the water-soluble botanicals, organic herbs, vitamins and essential oils, and secondly, to provide a hydration base for the moisturiser to lock in.
How and When To Condition/ Tone
Twice daily (am/pm) gently massage 1-2 pumps of MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner onto cleansed and still moist face, throat and décolletage.
certified organic aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice   
aqua (purified water)  
certified organic matricaria recutita (chamomile) flower extract
certified organic aesculus hippocastanum (horsechestnut) seed extract
certified organic hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) leaf extract  certified organic hypericum perforatum (st johns wort) flower extractsclerotium rolfsii gum   
citrus aurantium amara (bitter orange) fruit extract
certified organic chamaemelum nobile (roman chamomile) essential oil
certified organic daucus carota (carrot) CO2 extract  
certified organic calendula officinalis flower C02 extract   
certified organic chamomilla recutica (german chamomile) flower CO2 extract
certified organic citrus aurantium ssp amara (neroli) essential oil  
MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner is FREE from
Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, Petrochemicals, PEGs, GMOs, Artifical Colours and Synthetic Fragrances. It is suitable for vegans and the company only tests on humans.
Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Guarantees
MiEssence® Certified Organic Soothing Skin Conditioner contains 95% certified organic ingredients with the remaining 5% being restricted to natural ingredients which must meet stringent requirements, i.e. no synthetic ingredients at all (including nature identical). You can find the full list of allowed ingredients on the ACO website.  Australian Certified Organic (ACO) Cosmetics are accepted by most major trading countries without any additional requirements including EU, US and Asian countries.
“NaturalBeautyCabinet” Beauty Blogger Review
The skin conditioner is quite interesting. It’s somewhere between a gel and liquid (making it pretty challenging to squeeze out of a sachet…) and it’s meant to be applied with your fingers and not cotton wool. As far as I’m concerned, that’s great. On the occasions when I do use toners, I always opt for spritzers. It’s just so annoying to soak a cotton pad and then feel like you’re throwing 80% of the product in the bin. The skin conditioner had a lovely cooling, toning effect on my skin but I definitely felt like it provided an extra hit of hydration too. In winter I tend to prefer richer textures, opting for serums or oils. But this would be lovely if you want the layers without the heaviness. And I can see myself coming back to it in the summer when I need extra moisture but am also preoccupied with keeping my skin cool.

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