Order your goods, then pay with invoice after delivery

In a physical store you can always see and feel the products before you pay for them. We think that's great. That way you can always be sure you are paying for something you really want. Klarna invoice works exactly the same – see the goods first and make the payment later.

Simple – Shop using only top-of-mind information

To pay by invoice, simply choose to pay by invoice through Klarna and enter your personal information. A minor check will be run to confirm your personal information and accept your purchase. This takes roughly one second.

Safe – Pay after delivery

When your purchase is approved, the store sends the items right away. When you receive your order, you also receive an invoice. This is sent either with your order or separately by mail.

Flexible – Spread out your payments

If you want to spread out the payments for your purchase, just check the minimum payment on your invoice. This is the minimum amount you can pay to turn your purchase into an installment payment.

Convenient – Always at least 14 days to pay

Normally you have 14 days to pay. But sometimes you may get even longer. So always check your invoice to determine the last possible payment date.

Invoicing fee applies. If payment is late, a reminding fee and local interest will be added to invoiced amount. Klarna will rate buyers credit during the process, which may also include checking buyers credit rating.

Personal information is handled according to local laws. Klarna is using buyers personal information for customer analysis, identification, credit rating and marketing purposes. Buyers personal goverment identification number is as customer number for administrative reasons.


Gather all purchases onto one invoice with a payment plan
Sometimes it’s a good idea to pay at your own pace. Which is why you can choose the installment payment option Klarna account and choose how much you want to pay each month. And when you shop with your Klarna account, all your purchases go onto one invoice. Another advantage is that our installment payment service is totally designed for online shopping. That means there is no need to fill out complicated forms or registrations to log on; you can shop with just your government identification number.

 Shop using only easy-to-remember information

To pay by installment and combine several purchases into a single invoice, simply choose to pay by installments through Klarna. A minor check will be run to confirm your personal information and accept your purchase. This takes about a second.

Pay at the end of the month

The first invoice will be sent to you. You pay by the end of the next month. (e.g. shop in January, pay at the end of February.) You pay your next invoices at the end of each month.

One invoice

If you have shopped at several e-stores with your Klarna account, all your purchases will appear on the same invoice.

Pay off the whole amount

If you want to pay off the whole amount at one time, that's fine with us. Your account will then be automatically closed. Or lower your monthly payment. To do this just pay a smaller amount. The smallest amount you can pay can be found on your invoice on the line Minimum payment.


Local invoicing fee is added to the monthly invoice, regadless of how many orders you make. You can always pay off the whole balance at once.

For interest rates please contact Klarna Customer Services on 020 300 50833.
Full Terms and Conditions for the interest free option with Klarna please
click here.

Basic requirements for opening a Klarna Account or Klarna Invoice

When paying with Klarna Invoice or paying in multiple payments, you need to give your goverment issued personal identification number. Klarna can check you credit rating and address information and may approve or decline credit based on this information. Order can be shipped only to the address matching goverment records. Payment reminder will add an reminder fee, starting at 5 € and late interest according to local interest laws.

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