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The Czech-made crystal glass nail files are ranked among the best in the world due to their innovative manufacturing process as well as long and well-renowned glass-making history in the country. For example, Daniel Swarovski, the founder of Swarovski Crystal brand was born in Bohemia and he learnt glass-cutting trade from his Slovak father before settling in Austria in his thirties. Our nail files come from Aveniro Ltd., a Czech manufacturing company located in the north of Czech Republic in the traditional glass-making region of Novy Bor town. The composition of glass used in manufacturing corresponds to common composition of flat glass (sodium-calcium-silicate glass), and therefore it does not contain any heavy metals (lead) or other undesirable substances. Colour is applied onto the glass nail files by spraying; the colour covers the full length of the handle and partly extends into the grinding surface where it fades out. After application of colour, the glass nail files are burned in a furnace at the temperature of around 200 °C, during which the colour matures and gains durability. All the colours are of ecological, water-soluble origin. 

Types of Bohemian Crystal Glass Nail Files

  • Small files – length 90 mm, width 10 mm, thickness 2 mm
  • Medium files – length 135 mm, width 11.5 mm, thickness 3 mm
  • Larger Medium files – length 155 mm, 13 mm, thickness 3 mm
  • Large files – length 195 mm, width 22 mm, thickness 4 mm
Small crystal glass nail files are most convenient especially for travel or as an important handbag accessory. Medium crystal glass nail files are used particularly for home nail care. Large crystal glass nail files are especially effective in pedicure treatments due to their sturdiness. By default the crystal glass nail files are produced in double-sided version (i.e. the grinding surface is present on both sides of the file). The advantage of this design is that during manicure it is possible to turn the file in hand and use both sided of the glass nail file.

Bohemian Crystal Glass Nail Files Benefits

  • Easy to clean and sterilize (when used in salons, they can be sterilised and re-used over and over again!!!)
  • Filing surface does not go blunt
  • Helps fight skin infections as glass does not attract bacteria like metal and paper nail files
  • Can be kept in wet conditions in a bathroom
  • Environment-friendly as they are made of glass and thus can be recycled
  • Unlike the rough filing surface of the metal and paper files, which can actually contribute to nail chipping and splitting, glass nail files’ surface is finely and uniformly roughened to provide effective yet gentle filing.
  • Beautiful, classy and the most effective nail-filing product ever invented

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