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Miessence has been making superior organic skincare since 2001 on the Gold Coast of Australia. They are pioneers and innovators of certified organic skincare, having certified their entire range from the outset. Their organic skin-care and body-care products are of the unmatched quality, formulation and ingredients carefully chosen by the founder, Narelle, and her dedicated family team.
MiEssence Certified Organics Ambrosia Essence Skin Perfector [15ml]
Use this super-concentrated serum to restore ageless beauty, rejuvenate the complexion, and renew the youth in your skin. This is a skin perfector & an ultra rejuvenation treatment.
Miessence Certified Organics Rejuvenessence Face Serum for tired, dehydrated & aging skin [30ml]
Highly concentrated facial serum where a few drops of a powerful blend of certified organic rosehip seed, avocado, jojoba, rose essential oil will work wonders on your skin.
Miessence Certified Organics Firming Eye & Neck Serum for Crow's Feet & Fine Wrinkles [30ml]
A powerful serum with aloe vera base & shea butter, BIO-active organic oils of rosehip seed, avocado, sunflower & BIO-active plant extracts for smoothing fine lines & crow's feet.
MiEssence Certified Organics Rose Monsoon Hydrating Face Mist [30ml]
Certified Organic Hydrating Facial Mist contains the exquisite Bulgarian rose otto (essential oil) and Bulgarian rose hydrosol (floral water). It's wonderful for refreshing dry, sensitive skin.
MiEssence Certified Organics Aloe Vera Shaving Gel [125g]
A light, lubricating gel with aloe vera, subtle scent of lime, sandalwood and patchouli is ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. Suitable for men & women.
MiEssence Certified Organics Rejuvenating Moisturiser with aloe vera, avocado and rose hip oils for dry & mature skin [50ml]
Miessence Certified Organic Rejuvenating Moisturiser (dry/mature skin), with avocado, rosehip seed oil & gotu kola.
MiEssence Certified Organics Balancing Moisturiser with aloe vera & rose hip oil for normal & combination skin [50ml]
Combination or normal skin will say THANK YOU when it get this amazing facial cream packed with rosehip seed oil, jojoba & chamomile.
Miessence Certified Organics Soothing Couperose Gel for Broken Cappilaries, Spider Veins, Redness, Sensitive Skin [30ml]
A strengthening treatment for sensitive skin with ultra-soothing organic plant extracts; fortifying and toning horsechestnut, soothing St John's wort, calming chamomile.
Miessence Certified Organics Purifying Blemish Gel for Blemishes, Pimples, Cuts [30ml]
Daily use of Blemish Gel has been proven to help treat acne, blemishes, pimples, cuts, insect bites and scars. It not only eliminates acne, but also prevents it from coming back.
MiEssence Certified Organics Probiotic Skin Brightener for All Skin Types [100ml]
Certified Organic Probiotic Skin Brightener restores and protects the skin's acid mantle to clarify the skin. Especially beneficial for troubled skin. Smells like Yakult.
MiEssence Certified Organics Garnet Face Exfoliant [140ml]
Organic aloe vera based facial exfoliant with citrus essential oils effectively clears pores & dead, dry or flaky skin. It is suitable for all skin types.
MiEssence Certified Organics Soothing Kaolinite Red Clay Mask with Chamomile & Horsechestnut Seed Extracts [45g]
Formulated with iron oxide rich red clay and soothing organic chamomile, st john's wort and lavender to calm and tone the skin.
MiEssence Certified Organics Balancing Kaolinite Pink Clay Mask with Chamomile & Marshmallow Root Extracts [45g]
Formulated with natural pink clay, organic marshmallow and calendula to help absorb and lift surface impurities and renew the skin's surface.
MiEssence Certified Organics Rejuvenating Kaolinite White Clay Mask with Chamomile & Gotu Kola Extracts [45g]
Formulated with natural white clay, organic horsetail and nettle to renew the skin's surface & promote a smooth, clear texture.
MiEssence Certified Organics Purifying Montmorillonite Clay Mask with Burdock & Nettle Extracts [45g]
Formulated with natural green clay, organic echinacea, witch hazel, lavender, lemon myrtle & tea tree oil to tone and purify the skin.
MiEssence Certified Organics Barrier Balm for dry skin [20g]
Certified Organic by ACO, this Barrier Balm protects, soothes & softens dry skin. Calms redness. Ideal for entire family.
MiEssence Certified Organics Soothing Cleanser for Sensitive Skin [250ml]
Very gentle, yet very effective with relaxing organic bergamot and chamomile to immediately calm and soothe sensitive, taut skin. Removes make-up. Vegan
MiEssence Certified Organics Purifying Cleanser for Oily & Problem Skin 250ml
Formulated for oily & problem skin with lemon peel oil, witch hazel and burdock, this cleanser controls sebum production.
MiEssence Certified Organics Rejuvenating Cleanser for Dry & Mature Skin [250ml]
A rich, emollient cleanser formulated with rejuvenating organic geranium, hops and chamomile helps nourish the skin, gently removing perspiration & pollution. Vegan.
MiEssence Certified Organics Soothing Moisturiser with aloe vera, rose hip oil and chamomile for sensitive skin [50ml]
Soothing properties of this gentle moisturizer are based on several key ingredients; aloe vera base, rosehip oil & EO of roman chamomile, extract of german chamomile.
MiEssence Certified Organics Sunflower Body Wash [250ml]
Organic aloe vera based moisturising body & face cleanser with concentrated, vitamin-rich, cold-pressed organic safflower oil. Perfectly safe on children & baby skin, especially when eczema prone.
MiEssence Certified Organics Sunflower Body Wash [50ml]
This summer gently cleanse & moisturise with vitamin-rich organic sunflower oil. Contains invigorating orange peel, lemon & lime peel EO. Travel size fits your carry-on bag.