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Acaia Extra Virgin Olive Oils

ACAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oils from the Greek Island of Lesvos
ACAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3 Flavours [250ml]
Choose from traditional GREEK OREGANO flavour; or GREEK OREGANO with LEMON; & GRAPEFRUIT with BERGAMOT flavour. 3 incredibly tasty infusions to complement your healthy diet.
ACAIA Extra Virgin Olive Oil [0.5l]
Award winning olive oil made from the Kolovi olives, a very rare olive variety native to the Greek Island of Lesvos. Delicate & all natural, with the fragrance of freshly cut apples & herbs.
ACAIA ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil [250ml, 0.5l]
Produced from carefully selected organically grown Kolovi olives, this organic EVOO is delicate & mild with rich aromas of fresh leaves, herbs and grass, combined with nuts, tropical fruit and apple.