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Customers nowadays are spoilt for choice in the cosmetic market. Many products profess to be “organic” and “natural” but use ingredients or manufacturing processes that are actually not 100% natural or organic. Such subterfuge has led people to look at the organic cosmetic industry with scepticism. But this is not the case with every provider. There are genuine brands out there that only use approved natural ingredients within their organic product ranges.
We would like to give you some tips that will help you differentiate between real, certified organic products and their impersonations. Or, save yourself the research time and buy organic facial and skincare brands straight from Purely Natural Cosmetics! 

When you buy an organic product, you need to read the label carefully and ask yourself these questions.
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It’s very frustrating to buy a product that claims to be organic and then seems to be a fake or a poor copy when you read the list of ingredients. Other than the usual trick of giving a chemical name and stating that it is derived from a natural product, there are hidden ingredients, such as by-products of various manufacturing processes, which are never mentioned.
This state of affairs is what led to the creation of the Miessence product line in 2001, the first range of certified organic skin care and body care products. Each ingredient in Miessence’s products is certified according to the standards of organic food. Since 2001, there have been other mavericks wanting to create honest, beneficial and truly organic and natural products, and we are happy to have discovered them; Plantae, Organic Essence, Donkeys & Co. and Redmond Trading Company - all of these brands have certified, organic skincare lines with logos and accreditations clearly displayed on the label.
Certified facial and body organic products have to adhere to strict International standards, such as the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) in Australia; USDA Organic in the USA; BioGro in New Zealand and EcoCert in Europe. Standards like these, which are classified as food grade or agricultural grade according to the quality of ingredients used, are the highest in existence at present. All facets of production come under the certification process so that the organic integrity is preserved. Every step, from farming techniques through harvesting and storage to processing of the final product, comes under the umbrella of these certifications.
Unless there is organic certification, it is difficult for customers to differentiate between genuine natural and organic skin care products. When there’s a seal of approval from certification standards like the USDA, ACO, BioGro and EcoCert, you know the products are authentic. It is a promise of integrity and authenticity, and confirms that the products consist of only pure, organic ingredients.
Consumers looking for organic products need not be doubtful of the purity of so called “organic” and “natural” ingredients and even of certain private “organic“ certifications some manufacturers have set up, which permit synthetic chemicals to be used. If the stamp of certification is one that is not familiar to consumers, it becomes difficult to find out its originality. This is the reason Miessence, Plantae, Organic Essence & Donkeys & Co get the seal of approval from top international organic food certifications like ACO, USDA, BioGro and EcoCert.
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With all Purely Natural Cosmetics organic skin care products, you can wholly trust the label on the bottle, because you are given assurance by the highest standards in the organic industry. No need to worry about purity of ingredients - just pick up your favourite and revel in a 100% organic experience!



As a double precaution, all our skincare brands get their products tested by a third party laboratory under the British Pharmacopoeia norms. All pharmaceutical substances and medicinal products in the United Kingdom come under this official collection of standards.
All the products go through three safety tests and must pass them. 
1. Microbiological Challenge:
Testing the combination of natural ingredients used as the preservative.
2. Preservative Efficacy Test:
Measuring how effective the preservative performs under attack from bacteria, fungi and mold. During this test the products are injected with millions of parts of different strains of gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria, yeast and mold. The product is then tested for purity at 0 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 14 days and 28 days and beyond. In order to pass the test, the natural preservative must quickly kill the bacteria.
Finally, the third and final test is performed, 

3. Shelf Life Stability Test:
This is designed to monitor the preservatives' effectiveness while emulating shipping conditions, extreme temperature changes, typical human usage, etc.
The Fresh by Date and the Use by Date on products mean two very different things. The former applies to unopened products and specifies the shelf life. The latter can be in multiples like 3 months, 6 months and so on and refers to the time period within which the opened bottle has to be opened. Once opened, the Fresh by Date is to be ignored.
Apart from all these company instructions, there are certain safety habits you should follow using common sense. If a products smells funny or looks strange, it’s time to throw it away. There’s no need to bother about any specified dates in such cases.

3. WHY GO FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS?10 reasons to buy organic

Organic products are those which are grown and processed without using any fertilisers, synthetic chemicals, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GMOs are organisms that have modified genetic codes. These changes give them characteristics that they do not have in their original state.
Organic farming is a ground-breaking process in farming and production and has a lot more to offer just chemical free agriculture. It encompasses everything from growing the ingredients to packaging of the product.


3.1.1. People
The main benefit is that organic products have more nutrients, vitamins and anti-oxidants that keep cancer at bay. This means that they’re great news for the people using them.
3.1.2. Soil
The soil on which the ingredients are grown benefit from the use of a mix of conventional and modern methods of agriculture. Organic farming uses techniques like biological pest control, green manure, compost and crop rotation. These methods increase the fertility of the soil by replenishing it.
3.1.3. Environment
Sustainability is the byword in organic farming. The aim is to give precedence to the environment and wildlife whilst not depending too much on non-renewable resources.


This newfound belief that any natural material can be substituted with synthetic alternatives is proving to be extremely harmful to people and the environment. Everything we require is available in nature. Miessence, Plantae, Organic Essence and all our other products take advantage of all that Mother Nature has to offer and uses only the purest organic ingredients in their organic skincare and body care range. Saying no to synthetic chemicals has a profound impact on the overall health of the planet and of its people. All Purely Natural Cosmetics skincare brands are committed to improving the whole cosmetic experience by guaranteeing pure organic and 100% natural skincare and body care products.
Certified Oragnic Skincare is the Nature's answer