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Redmond Life Earthpaste BENTONITE Clay Toothpaste CINNAMON flavour [113g]

Redmond Life Earthpaste BENTONITE Clay Toothpaste CINNAMON flavour [113g]

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Earthpaste was developed because the people behind Redmond Trading Company couldn't find a natural toothpaste they loved for their families. They wanted a toothpaste that was as natural as possible, so they started with hydrated Redmond Clay and added Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. And that’s it. 
Earthpaste is an amazingly natural toothpaste, but sometimes a person needs a change... So, once you have tried all the flavours of Earthpaste, check out these yummy flavours from our other brandMiEssence®, whose toothpastes are just as natural and, moreover, certified organic by Australian Certified Organic, ACOTry their anise, lemon and mint toothpastes. In order to maximise the oral health effect, you can also get one of the freshest and alcohol-free natural mouthwash and breath spray to be used on the go. 

Brushing naturally does not have to be boring anymore with so many flavours and complementary products!!!
Earthpaste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives. It’s toothpaste unlike any other you've experienced – you’ll see the difference on your teeth and feel the difference in your mouth. 

Food Grade Redmond Clay® acts a polishing cleanser.
Redmond Real Salt® is used to enhance the flavour.
Cinnamon essential oil brings a familiar, spicy flavour along with its reputation as an antioxidant.
Tea Tree Oil 
Purified Water is used to hydrate Food Grade Redmond Clay® into a creamy paste.
Xylitol is used as a natural sweetener.

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(taken from the manufacturer's web-site)
“Earthpaste is so clean and natural and has a great aftertaste. So happy to have finally found a great natural toothpaste.” ~Melanie S
“If you try Earthpaste, you will love it. All the right ingredients, none of the wrong ones –Taste is a winner.” ~Chris S
“I love how clean Earthpaste makes my mouth feel! The essential oils give it a great flavor.” ~Ryan S
“It’s wonderful to finally find a toothpaste we can feel good about using for ourselves and our family.” ~Mike & Michelle M
“Earthpaste is the best natural toothpaste I’ve tried! My mouth feels so clean.” ~Annie V
“Earthpaste is a refreshing twist on a truly natural toothpaste! After trying it, I am hooked! It feels great to know that there is a toothpaste that is actually good for you if you accidentally swallow it.” ~Tika B
“My son and I had dark spots on our teeth. Even the dentist said there was nothing he could do. Then, we used Earthpaste. Our teeth used to look stained or the enamel was worn off, but after two weeks our teeth are enamel coated, strong, and WHITE! This toothpaste totally re-mineralized our teeth! Now, our whole family uses it–even the toddler–and I don’t worry about chemicals! LOVE this toothpaste!!” ~ Lisa

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Size: 113/ 4oz

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