HYDRATE Dry, Mature & Sensitive Skin with anti-aging plant complex of Auvergne Pine Bark & Blackcurrant Leaf extracts, Bulgarian Rose Otto & Rose Flower Distillate

BALANCE Normal & Combination Skin with Lavender Flower Distillate, Oxi-fend Grape Seed Extract & Red Mandarin Peel Essential Oil

PURIFY Acne & Blemished Skin with Herbal Synergistic Complex of Lemon, Sage & Ivy, Wild Thyme Honey Extract & Thyme Linalool Essential Oil

Plantae™ brand is an entirely certified organic skincare range utilising proven high performance phyto bio-ACTIVE ingredients with specific formulations for different skin types. This brand represents the ideal price-quality ratio where the skincare products are top notch costing a fraction of the price of the competitive brands. Anyone can afford Plantae certified organic skincare.
For that BioGro Certification from New Zealandextra peace of mind, the company had the entire product range certified organic by a renowned independent certifying body, BioGro, where a product must contain a minimum of 95% organic ingredients and the remaining 5% must be of totally natural origin. The company obviously DOES NOT test on animals. Having a reputable "Certified Organic" seal of aproval on its products, Plantae guarantees to their customers that the products' contents and the entire manufacturing process conform to best ethical standards.
In Latin, Plantae means "PLANT KINGDOM" and the word Phyto means "PLANT", which clearly explains what to expect from the products' formulations. Plants are a source of life and carriers of exceptional nutrients, which, when carefully extracted and professionaly formulated, will have a positive impact on your skin. Plantae makes their products in small batches and fresh so that the absolute minimum of natural preservatives are needed. In freshly made products the plant's nutrients, such as the antioxidants and bioactives, are still present and your body can use them to build healthy cells and tissues and to repair damage and rid itself of harmful free radicals. Plantae certified organic skincare is made in a beautiful unpolluted Nelson region in New Zealand and most ingredients come from local organic farmers.
The founder and the formulator of Plantae products, Mrs Carol Priest, is an expert in her field having worked in laboratories at Palmerston North hospital, Wellington hospital and Aokautere Soil Science in Palmerston North before spending six years with GlaxoSmithKline. During her time at Glaxo, Carol became a qualified lab technologist, gaining an NZCS in Chemistry and leading a laboratory team. Working for Glaxo as a chemical analyst was an opportunity to analyse numerous raw materials according to the British Pharmacopeia and awakened her interest in working with pure plant-based raw materials. When Carol left Glaxo to start a family, she began substituting toxic chemicals with pure plant sourced ingredients into her own skincare formulations. This passion evolved into a successful business.